ISLE Activities - Special Events

  Bodies of Light
The well known artist Sheba Chhachhi created an installation (at Lii 2002) that went beyond the common perception of light as a purely visual phenomenon. The installation sought to create an embodied experience of light and expand our perception and sensitivity to the nature of light.
From Light to Colour, from Colour to Form
There is something special in the sharp contrasts of light and shade in the Indian environment. The paintings and sculptures in this exhibition (at Lii 2002) were selected by Asha Spaak and Asha Kishore, the curators of the exhibition, to reflect the way Indian artists use this very special light we have in India.
Sakar, Lighting Design Exhibition
On view at Pragati Maidan during Lii 2002 there was a photographic exhibition of the works of outstanding international lighting designers. The designers whose work was featured for this exhibition were Motoko Ishii (Japan), Chip Israel (US), Garry Lowe (Australia), Kaoru Mende (Japan), Steven Roseri (US), Bo Steiber (Singapore), and Abhay Wadhwa (US).
  Light and Art
  During Prakash '95, ISLE brought to Delhi the Light and Art Exhibition, a collection of exhibits from the world famous Foundation (for) Lighting Effects in Painting and Sculpture. Sponsored by Philips and KLM Cargo, the Royal Netherlands Embassy and the the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the Netherlands, the exhibition was an invitation to reflect on the connection between technology and art. Joh Jansen, whose vision and energy led to the Foundation sought in a broader sense "to search for and explain the aspects of art in the result of technological activities in the field of artifical light; in particular, to collect study and exhibit works of art that express the influence of lamplight on architectonic composition and social life".
  Light and Enlightenment
  Together with the Galerie Schoo/Foundation for Indian artists' in Netherlands, ISLE presented th e Light and Enlightenment exhibition at Prakash '95. As the curator Esther Schoo, former Ambassadorof Netherlands to India says, "we are all creatures of light, and light sustains us all. Leaves drink the suns' rays, and make air and food for the earth. We will die with the dying of the light. What better theme for an exhibition of the visual arts? Light is the basis of all visual sensation; enlightenment, the goal of all aspiration, the darkness of the void, the greatest fear".
  The exhibition featured the works of three young Indian artists - two painters Shambhavi, Sanjeev Sinha and a sculptor, Sheila Makhijani.
  Exhibition on the Works of B. Vithal and B. Prabha
  Prakash '91 saw ISLE make its first presentation in its series of art exhibitions on the theme of light with the works of the late B. Vithal and his wife the late B. Prabha specially selected by them for the occasion. The paintings anc sculptures were selected on the basis of their relevance to the theme of light. The exhibition included large canvasses and monumental sculptures by Vithal and 13 oil paintings by Prabha.
  The Bajaj Collection of Ancient Lamps
  The Prakash '91 Exhibition saw an exhibition of ancient lamps from the Bajaj Collection on display. These traditional lamps containing examples from the 16th century onwards were dislayed in a setting similar to the temple environment they were originally meant for. The exhibition was a good conterpoint to the display of the latest technology in the trade show.