ISLE Activities - Standardisation

ISLE is represented in ETD 23 and 24 sectional committees of the Bureau of Indian Standards of Lamps and Accessories, as well as on Luminaries and Illuminating Engineering respectively. ISLE is also represented on various Panels under these sectional committees.

ISLE has taken a leading role in preparation of the National Lighting Code by the BIS. The Chairman of the Illuminating Engineering and Luminaires Sectional Committee is an ISLE member. The Convenor and the members of the Panels formed by BIS for drafting the National Lighting Code are ISLE members. The Code has now been printed and official release is due shortly.

In the field of international standardisation, apart from the participation of ISLE member representatives in CIE Divisions, ISLE members have over the years taken leadership positions. One member became the Chairman of a CIE Technical Committee in 1987, and has brought out the CIE Guide to the Lighting for Open-Cast Mines.

The Editor of the CIE Division 5, Exterior and other Lighting Applications till 2004 was an ISLE member; he was also a member of the CIE Publication Board.

Another ISLE member became the Vice President of the CIE responsible for developing countries in the CIE 1999 Session at Warsaw and was re-elected till 2007. He was replaced in 2007 by another ISLE member.
In 1999, the CIE formed a Technical Committee to prepare Practical Guidelines for the Lighting of Exterior Work Areas. An ISLE member was the Chairman of this Technical Committee.

In 2002 an ISLE member was made Chairman of the BIS Illuminating Engineering and Luminaries Sections Committee, ET24.