8th Edition of the ISLE Directory
Indian Lighting Directory 2013

Since its inception in 1991, the Directory of the Lighting Industry in India has always covered contemporary concerns such as energy conservation, lighting standards, environment and health, sustainability and the green movement.

In brief, the Lighting Directory has served as a reference book to the lighting industry and many associated with it for 21 years. The overwhelming response that the 7th edition, which was released in October 2012, has received from the lighting fraternity has compelled us to turn the directory into an annual publication and the next edition, renamed the 'Indian Lighting Directory', will be released in October this year.

The directory attempts not only to list the organizations, manufacturers and dealers in the field of the Lighting Industry, but also provide a deep insight into the phenomenal progress that is being made in the field of lighting.

The lighting industry in India is witnessing a robust 100% growth. The sector is projected to grow to Rs 20,000 crore in the next 5 years. With a strong movement towards sustainable solutions in lighting, LEDs are expected to be the next choice in lighting for consumers.

The Directory has not only served as a reference for new entrants to the lighting industry but also in the selection of vendors and raw material suppliers. In fact, the biggest demand for the Directory has come from emerging industries searching for marketing their goods and services.

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